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Daniel's Story

In June 2022, our family got a terrible shock when 14-year-old Daniel was diagnosed with leukaemia.  Daniel has AML (acute myeloid leukaemia) meaning it has spread rapidly and aggressively.  He is in hospital and has just completed 10 back-to-back days of very intensive chemotherapy, sometimes having to take four doses in a single day.

During this time, he has needed three units of blood and two platelet transfusions. Daniel is battling through it like the little fighter he has always been and we are hopeful that we have caught it early, but this is where we need YOUR help. 

In the coming weeks, Daniel should have a bone marrow sample test result back which will tell doctors if the best approach is to continue with more chemo or if he needs a bone marrow transplant to help fight it.

The problem? The chances of getting a bone marrow match is 1 in 10 MILLION!! Please, please, PLEASE take the time to go to the link below or go online to the DKMS website to register as a donor. It can take up to 8 weeks from registering to actually be placed on the register, so we need you to register NOW!

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Update - 04-10-2022

We have some brilliant news that at last we can now share - a suitable donor has been found for our Daniel!

This amazing person came forward several weeks ago but as you can imagine, there are lots and lots of laboratory checks that have to be carried out before doctors can be sure they are the best possible match.

We had got our hopes up before but this time, fingers crossed, it’s all systems go. Daniel should be heading to Bristol next week to be prepped for what we hope will be a life-saving transplant.

We know there is still a long, risky road ahead and Daniel may have to get a lot sicker before he gets better. He will have to spend several months in isolation with only his mum and dad allow to visit. But finding the right donor has at least given him a fighting chance against #leukaemia.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported us on this rollercoaster journey so far…

  • all those who helped us fundraise for blood cancer and bone marrow charities

  • all those who organised and attended #DoItForDaniel events

  • all those who trained up to recruit new bone marrow donors

  • all those who donated, printed and distributed our campaign posters, banners and flyers

  • and the THOUSANDS of people who signed up as bone marrow/stem cell donors in response to Daniel’s story

We have so many individuals, charities and local businesses to thank, we can’t do it all in one post but we’ll be doing a few very well-deserved shout-outs this week before the family heads to Bristol.

Finally, we are acutely aware that although our Daniel has been very lucky, there are many other patients who are still waiting anxiously for the right donor to step forward.

Please keep telling everyone you know about the importance of signing up to bone marrow registers. Just like our incredible kind-hearted donor, your blood really has the potential to save a life!

Irish News
"The family of a Newry teenager awaiting a life-saving bone marrow transplant last night revealed that a "suitable donor has been found"
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